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Why have a TNG group?

Someone asked on the Chesapeake Polyamory Network (CPN) list about the reasoning and purpose for creating The Next Generation (TNG) special interest group, and Bitsy responded with this explanation for how she came to start DCPolyTNG (which was formerly known as CPN TNG):

As the person who founded the TNG group, I gather I ought to respond. I am happy that other people on this list are supportive of SIGs, I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable making a group only for people 35 and under (or women, or bisexuals, or whatever) if there wasn't a vibrant general group.
The concept of this sort of group comes straight from the BDSM world (in this case, from Black Rose's group). I started the group because when I moved to DC right out of college I desperately needed to make friends in DC, and desperately needed poly friends. While I was very pleased to meet the people I did at the CPN munches I went to, I also felt very out of place, much more like I was someone's child than I was with a group of peers.
After not feeling I could find what I needed at a CPN meeting, I had very positive experiences with the Black Rose TNG group. Given that TNG groups are common in the kink world I figured that I was not the only one with the experience of feeling alienated because of my age. I asked around (mostly using OKcupid to poll people), and this feeling of being out of place seemed very very strong. So, I started the group.

Besides feeling more comfortable and like one fits in with a group of folks with similar ages for socialization and sharing similar interests, the other side is that for support and frank discussions of poly relationships and sexuality, those 35 and under might feel less comfortable sharing their own detailed personal experiences on these topics with people closer to their parents' age than their own.

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