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What should I expect at a DCPolyTNG event?

At our Wednesday night munches, we generally have between 6 - 10 folks, but the sometimes get up to 20 or so people throughout the course of the event. Sometimes there is one large discussion, sometimes there are multiple smaller discussions. Topics of conversation range from obvious ones like polyamory, relationships, and sexuality, to just about anything else that people feel like talking about, including books, work, math, WoW...

We're mostly a social group; we enjoy hanging out and talking with other poly (and poly-friendly) folks. Most of the folks at each get-together are folks who have come to one of our events before, and we warmly welcome newcomers. Some conversation topics are useful for learning about ways of being poly that have worked for others (or failed in exciting and story-worthy ways!) and sometimes we talk about nothing to do with poly stuff at all. To dispel a possible misconception, it may be useful to note that, while it's entirely possible to meet someone to get involved with at an event, that's not the focus of things. (One exception: we've been hoping to organize a Poly Speed Dating event, but the logistics are hard... which is one of the reasons math comes up...)

What are the munches like?

Note: Check which venue we're at on the events calendar!

At the munch meetings we try to sit at one table in whatever coffee house or restaurant we've chosen. Most folks purchase a beverage soon after they arrive, and some have food as well. Not everyone arrives at 7, and often there is someone who has to leave early, so our numbers may ebb and flow throughout the night. We generally wrap up right about 9, and folks heading to the Metro often walk together.

These days we are meeting at DC Bread and Brew, which is on 20th St NW immediately south of N St. We usually sit indoors on the ground floor, identifying ourselves with a copy of "Opening Up" on the table. There is also a board gaming group that meets there, so if you don't find us at first, check other parts of the restaurant. If there isn't room for us on the main floor, we may be downstairs in the bar, or out on the patio as the weather warms up.

We switched meeting locations early in 2010. At our old regular meeting spot, Soho Tea & Coffee, we often sat at the big oblong table closest to the computer and the bathroom (and diagonally furthest from the entrance). We would identify the group with a "Reserved for CPN TNG" sign on the table(s), though if we didn't have a sign we put a copy of one of the poly books ("The Ethical Slut", "Opening Up"...) in the middle of the table. There were usually only a couple obvious groups of folks at Soho, so one could just ask "Are you the CPN TNG group?" if we weren't immediately obvious.

Do you get together to socialize outside of the munches?

We occasionally have a movie viewing, party, or game night. Some people just can't make the Wednesday get-togethers, and others just want to hang out more for the fun of it!

At events in private homes, the turnout is usually between 10 - 15 people, with group members bringing partners and friends who may not attend the Happy Hours / Munches but are interested in the specific event. These events usually have a specific focus; we have had events to play board / card games, watch a documentary on the sexual revolution, and to play Rock Band (a cooperative music-based video game).

Since these events are held in private homes, the host has some discretion regarding details of the event, and these are usually specified in the event announcement / invitation. This includes such details as whether a confirmation is required to attend, who else you can bring, and any requests regarding food and beverages.

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