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Useful polyamory links

This page has links to some polyamory resources which some DCPolyTNG group members have found useful. Longer and more complete lists of resources may be found at Opening Up Polyamory Resources and on an archived version of Chesapeake Polyamory Network's Resources.

Local Washington, D.C. Organizations

Online Resources

These range from the websites of poly activists, to groups supporting poly people, to helpful advice.

Online Social Networks


Some DCPolyTNG members are willing to loan copies of these books for other members to read so that everyone doesn't have to buy their own copy, there is a list of books owned by some DCPolyTNG members available in the DCPolyTNG Yahoo Group (note that you must be a member of the Yahoo Group and logged into Yahoo to see the list).


  • Family a web series created by Terisa Greenan, which has been getting quite a lot of press.
  • MTV's "True Life" while not really fiction, I'm guessing people may well have seen this show.
  • Books a list of books with poly themes, including fiction books. Know of a book they missed? Have more to say? You should tell them.
  • alt.polyamory FAQ Culture Supplement, a list of fiction works.

Other Poly TNG Groups

These are the groups we know of for young poly people in other cities. If we don't have one listed in your area, you might contact your local BDSM group (which might have a BDSM TNG group too) for contacts and resources (whether or not you are kinky). If there doesn't seem to be a poly TNG group in your area, why not start one! (This information is also here.)

Online only Groups

Student Groups

Send additions, changes, or corrections to bitsy [at] openlypoly [dot] net.

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