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DC Polyamory - The Next Generation

DCPolyTNG's goal is to provide a place where polyamorous, poly-curious and poly-friendly people 35 years of age and under meet, socialize, and talk about matters of common concern to them and their peers.

(This group was formerly known as CPN TNG, and was affiliated with the Chesapeake Polyamory Network, but CPN stopped sponsoring groups in late 2010, and so we changed our name.)

Interested? Join the DCPolyTNG Yahoo Group for the latest information and to join the conversation!

If you are young and poly but live outside the Washington, D.C. area you might want to check out our list of Other Poly TNG Groups.

And because it has come up in the past, we thought we'd post the answer to a question that gets asked periodically: Why have a TNG group?

DCPolyTNG is currently on hiatus, and not hosting any regular events. Please join the DCPolyTNG Yahoo Group to discuss organizing of any possible future events.

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Page last modified on April 02, 2013, at 09:43 AM